Tower plan with Walls, lot of waves, Difficulty levels

Building towers in FoldWars now automatically creates walls, thus giving a better visualization of your strategy. Also added lot of waves in each of the level. Moreover each level now has 3 difficulty settings. Spent whole afternoon playing with parameters of each level to create appropriate difficulty levels. It was fun play, but now I'm exhausted. The parameters for 3rd level could use more tuning.

Also discovered that I need to pay attention to memory consumption. As I added deep waves of enemy, it stressed the browser a lot. Near the end of some hard levels you might see some hiccups. Fortunately I've identified places where I can save on memory. I'll work on it tomorrow. 

Made changes to the location of Tower Menu. It now shows to the side of the screen, thus avoids obstructing the view of the playing field. This is very useful when you get used to keyboard shortcuts. It might be confusing for beginners, but UX design principles say the UI should always be optimized for intermediate users.

Also there's a subtle change in the behavior of towers. The Canon and Laser towers now have one special feature that a gun doesn't have. When there are multiple enemies within the range of the tower, which one it should choose next? This decision has impact on the strategy. If the decision is made at random, then the tower may ignore enemy carrying gold - which is more urgent to deal with. That's the difference in behavior of Gun and Canon/Laser. The later are smart and choose the enemy carrying gold. Mind that while planning your strategy.

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Jan 24, 2018

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