Level 4 - twice the resolution, block tower

Today's build comes with a new level - number 4. This one has twice the resolution of the map, that means there is lots of real estate to build towers. This will allow very deep waves. More variety of possible startegies. Overall, more fun!

One problem I faced with higher resolution was tweaking the enemy artwork so that it doesn't look too tiny. To achieve that I simplified the ghost designs somewhat.


At this scale the change seems unnecessarily minimal, but wait till you play the level 4. 

Also, I had to change the Tower addition sequence a bit. Before the grid used to show all the locations where new tower could be built and it would not show a cursor where tower cannot be built because otherwise it will block the only path that enemy has available to reach the gold. However to come up with this information requires some expensive analysis, which takes long time to run on all the cells of the grid; especially when the grid is now 4 times as big. So to avoid this issue, the game no longer removes cursor from the potential bottleneck locations. It checks for the bottleneck condition after player has asked to build a tower there. Since this concerns only one cell, the analysis is cheap and doesn't take any time. If the bottleneck exists, then user is shown a warning like this.


foldwars-v18.zip 693 kB
Feb 15, 2018

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