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New Tower artwork
Today's update brings revamp of tower artwork. The new tower sprites are minimal, crisp, distinguishable, work at both normal and double resolution. Also update...
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Where's my gold?
New animation in ship that shows how much gold has been hijacked by the enemy and successfully carried to the ship. Also now the ghosts carrying the gold have a...
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New Ship Design
The ship is now very informational. It gives the player a peek at the size and speed of the upcoming waves. I completely redid the design by doing all the anima...
Level 4 - twice the resolution, block tower
Today's build comes with a new level - number 4. This one has twice the resolution of the map, that means there is lots of real estate to build towers. This wil...
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Tower efficiency visualization
Tower defense strategy is all about placing towers at strategically right positions at right time. The spatial strategy is quite clear by looking at the map. Bu...
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Strategy visualization
Here's a first installment of strategy visualization technique once you have finished the level. It's a composition of plots that let you see your gameplay as a...
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Performance optimization
Last week I spent some time rewiring the path computation algorithms for the enemy units. There was some scope to save both computation and memory by changing w...
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Enemies marching in the lanes
Implemented lanes for the enemies to march this week. Now they appear spread out and don't look like a single train or a crawling snake. Try it out...
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